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[05/01/2013] Diverter 2 way for pneumatic conveying
Fluid Airsystems has created and developed a pneumatic switch to 2-3-4 way. It consists of a fixed part on which are inserted the outlet pipes and the guides of the carriage, and a movable part consisting of the carriage that moves to the right or left in the horizontal direction, on which is inserted the inlet pipe. The inlet pipe is constituted by a articulated pipe which follows the movement of the carriage.The characteristics of this diverter are exceptional:
-Compactness, small footprint.
-Angle deviation of only 5 , this allows to continue to convey the material along the pipeline in dense phase.
-No organ that obstructs the passage of the product, therefore no wear, no pollution between a product and the other.
- Sealing up to 6 bar
-Isolation total of all the pipes involved, important feature when the diverter is used in ATEX environment with the aid of Nitrogen as a gas used for the conveying.
-Made of carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316L stainless steel for corrosive environments.
- Maximum-reliable, low maintenance, reduced almost to only pneumatic seals.
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