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are designers and manifacturers of pneumatic conveying plants for chemical, foods, ceramic tiles and metallurgic industries in dense and diluite phase.

supplies full plant turnkey contracts. They have gained a wide reputation on the national and European market.

In particular, their exclusive pneumatic dense phase system obtained with PULSED AIR allows for pneumatic conveying even for more difficult flow materials.

We point out as an example, some products of us

Blow Tank Big-bag
unloading system
loading system
Vibrating feeders
high temperature
Ni-Hard bend Y fitting in Ni-Hard Bends and coupling
Vent filter Gate lock valve Diverter flape valve 2-4 way valve
Rotary Valve Lump Breakers Semi-automatic
Big-bag Breaking
Empty Big-bag

Mixer Mini Blow Tank Monolithic silo with skirt for polyethylene granules, in aluminium. Capacity 150 cm.. Diameter 4.000 mm.x13.500 mm.. With access door, stairs and railing. Battery (96) silo panels for spray-dried powders, in stainless steel AISI 304. Capacity 120 cm.. Diameter 3.100 mm.x 16.000 mm..
Tank for liquids, in stainless steel AISI 316. Capacity 55 cm.. Diameter 3.000 mm.x 7.000 mm Monolithic silo with skirt for polyethylene power, in stainless steel AISI 304. Capacity 120 cm.. Diameter 4.000 mm.x12.000 mm.. Cobined with a plasticiser tank. Panel to silo. Packing. Panels silos during assembly on structure in steel, for raw materials in powder, in painted carbon steel. Capacity 90 cm.. Diameter 4.000 mm.x7.000 mm..
Panel silo, particular discharge cone in stailess steel AISI 304.      
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