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Air Consumption:
1/2 Nm³/min x 1T/H

In recent years, FLUID AIRSYSTEMS’ activities have focused on particular plant sections and, specifically, storage, transport, weighing and batching. The company has developed its own innovative technologies and mainly for extracting particularly difficult materials from silos using “milling” extractors, vibrating bottoms, fluidisation systems with vibrating heads, extraction screws and variable-pitch batching units.
FLUID AIRSYSTEMS has consolidated handling experience thanks to the development of dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems with pulsating air. One of the main characteristics of these systems is their simplified design which is based on a single transfer conduit, without additional injections, built with stainless carbon steel 304-316, polyethylene and hoses. A manual or automatic valve can be used to adjust the quantity of material being handled (flow rate).
In the automatic version, the valve, along with a pressure switch, acts like an anti-lockout device. When the conveying pressure increases beyond the standard value, the valve prevents the material from entering the piping until the pressure drops below the conveying pressure value, re-enabling the regular feed process.
During a sudden power outage, a dual valve system, in which one valve is normally closed and the other normally open, guarantees a continuous supply of compressed air.
For a sudden interruption in the compressed air supply, a small compressed air tank ensures that conveying will continue until the line has been emptied, while the material feed system on the same line is closed automatically.
This conveying system has been successfully installed in numerous plants confirming its reliability, low operating costs and high performance levels. FLUID AIRSYSTEMS also designs and develops closed-loop, controlled atmosphere (nitrogen) plants, in a pressurised or suction version, that also include a dense and diluted phase. ecc

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