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[03/07/2014] Pneumatic diverter valve
New pneumatic diverter 2-3-4 way.
No interception devices.
No wear and tear.
No pollution
The only one pneumatic diverter valve which ensures the continuity of pneumatic conveying in dense phase.
Stainless steel version 304-316 ...
[10/12/2013] Miniblowtank
The miniblowtank (5Lt) is used to transfer small quantities of product in powder or granule at low speed, then suitable to dose or recover in processing that material that otherwise would be unused. Low cost, easy installation, versatility are the ma ...
[29/10/2013] Easy load rotomoulding
Fluid Airsystems has patented a new loading system in rotomoulding industry. It is composed of a bin under air pressure and always filled with polyethylene in powder. The bin is weighed. The operator is able to choose the required quantity to load th ...
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[09/01/2013] The 20 years of Fluid Airsystems
2013 celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the birth of Fluid Airsystems
[05/01/2013] Diverter 2 way for pneumatic conveying
Fluid Airsystems has created and developed a pneumatic switch to 2-3-4 way. It consists of a fixed part on which are inserted the outlet pipes and the guides of the carriage, and a movable part consisting of the carriage that moves to the right or l ...
[27/12/2012] Slide Valve 900 mm.(36
Fluid Airsystems is not limited only to the supply of pneumatic conveying systems. Recently has provided several slide valves with hydraulic control and relative control unit that operates at over 250 bar(3626 psi), the diameter of 1200 mm.(48") and ...
[27/12/2012] Vibrating conveyor
Fluid Airsystems not limited to pneumatic conveying. Has recently provided a systems for conveying granular material at temperature of 800C (1472F),consisting of 8 vibrating conveyor lenght 7 mt.(23 ft.) each, for a flow rate of 7000 Kg/h.(15.435 L ...
[30/10/2012] Boosters or not boosters...........?
In the addition case,boosters are located every 3 mt. along the entire lenght of the conveying pipeline and the air flow rate to each booster is 560 Lt./min. In the case, the air velocity reaches 48 mt./sec. by the end of pipeline. An important point ...
[26/10/2012] Transport and dosing barium
E 'was created a transport of barium powder for a leading company in the production of tiles. Considerable scrolling issues were resolved very well by Fluid airsystems
[26/04/2007] Blow Tank 24 lt
The blow tanks Fluid airsystems lend themselves to a variety of uses:
The blow tanks Fluid airsystems for their characteristics are suitable for any need.Can be used on load cells to weigh accurately the material at each batch, as it is completely ...
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